Once upon a swipe, Brayson and Angela matched on Bumble. Yeah… the dating app with a Bee as its logo. We instantly bonded for many reasons but our biggest was our passion for food. Sweet, spicy, or savory we enjoy it all. 

As we got to know each other, we realized how well we worked together. Everything from planning, taking action, and communicating, we accomplish every goal we set. Deep down, we knew, starting a business together made sense. We just didn’t know at the time what we’d create. 

Brayson has always enjoyed building physical and digital products. Angela is a former buyer for a large food chain. So it was clear to us it should be something food related. Months went by with us not having the idea, we got engaged and put the thought on the back burner.

Then, one random day, after a few months of being married, Brayson jokingly said “ What if we started a honey empire?” It was an instant lightbulb moment for us. Honey was something we ate every week. It was something we believed the benefits could help others. We just knew we wanted to do something different. 

We started our journey by researching everything we could about bees, beekeeping, and our favorite part, tasting all the honey we could. We learned a lot about what makes bees happy, the part they play in our ecosystem and how it all plays a part in flavor. 

While most people go in to business to make as much money as possible we wanted to be proud of our product. Everything from taste, brand, packaging, and how our beekeepers treat their hives. So we set our mission to focus on quality and excellence. 

Then one night we saw a new movie on Hulu, the story of how the Hot Cheeto was made “Flamin, Hot” it was like it was meant to be. We watched a family come together and create something magical. We knew right away we wanted to start with “Hot Honey”. The timing felt perfect as we saw the community of spicy food lovers grow year after year.

Our kitchen became a science lab where we started experimenting with all of the different spices and peppers we could get our hands on. After months of testing, hundreds of attempts, and multiple burnt tongues, we finally hit our signatue flavor. The perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

Then it was time for a public taste test. Every event, gathering, and restaurant we attended we would bring our “Hot Honey”. Never letting anyone know it was our brand to avoid unbiased feedback. We knew we had something when people were asking where they could buy it without knowing it was our product.

This was how “Heatwave Hot Honey” was born. Which we named this way for several reasons. Heatwave to represent the rollercoaster of flavors you get when you taste it. Along with showing homage to our home in the sunshine state of Florida. 

We are just getting started but we hope everyone who try’s “Heatwave Hot Honey” enjoys its. We have a saying in our family when something tastes good. It’s because “We made it with love” 


With love,

Brayson & Angela Ware